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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The principles of personal data protection:

- As a user of the services, you can modify your personal data in your customer account
- If you wish to delete your customer account (this action is irreversible, you will lose access to your order history, your loyalty points, your promotional codes, but it is possible to create a new customer account) by contacting our customer service .



This page describes the principles according to which collects different types of data about its customers. The elements described on this page are explained in detail in the data protection principles of


This page also describes the obligations regarding the security and data protection policy of

In order to avoid an imprecise interpretation, here are some elements to understand the terms used:

Personal data: Any information that relates to an identified or identifiable natural person is considered an "identifiable natural person", a natural person who can be directly or indirectly identified

Processing: any operation or series of operations carried out with or without automated procedures and applied to personal data or sets of data (collection, recording, transmission, storage, conservation, extraction, querying, use, association, etc.).


Data controller

Any processing of personal data transmitted to takes place under the responsibility of the SARL 10 rue de la paix, Toulouse, France


How do we collect data and what is it?


The collection of your personal data is mainly based on your customer relationship: creation of a customer account on the site, subscription to a newsletter, navigation on our pages, etc.


This data includes your surname, first name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth, direct marketing information and consent, order, delivery, billing.


The customer information we collect helps us to improve your shopping experience at Sneakers Academy Limited. customize and continually improve. We use this information to process orders, deliver products and services, process payments and communicate with you about your orders, products, services and promotional offers, maintain and update our files and therefore your accounts with us, you provide content such as wish lists and customer reviews and recommendations about products and services that may be of interest to you.



How do we handle your information?


Please note that employees of Sneakers Academy Limited are bound by secrecy when processing data about you. We maintain the confidentiality of data concerning you and ensure that it is only used for predefined purposes. Your data will be processed in order to provide the agreed communication and other services, to develop the services, to invoice, to offer you the best and most complete service possible and to inform you about our services. We also use your data for communication with customers, e.g. B. to send information about our services and for direct marketing purposes.



We also use the data to create customer profiles based on billing, usage amounts, length of customer relationship and external classifications. We use both summary usage data and personal data to create target groups for marketing. We process the data of our potential customers for direct marketing purposes. We strive to ensure that customer data is up-to-date and correct. We remove obsolete and unnecessary data whenever possible. We protect all data about you with personal task-related access rights and prevent third parties from accessing the data.


Where do we send your data?

We only share your data with authorities and other telecommunications companies as permitted by law and as specified in the file description. If we use subcontractors, we enter into a security agreement with them which also covers the use of your data. We are also responsible for you for this type of manipulation.




Sneakers Academy Limited Privacy Policy The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to describe the principles and practices that we at Sneakers Academy Limited follow to ensure the protection


General principles of customer data management



Sneakers Academy Limited has defined the purpose of the collection, processing and transfer of personal data in the following section.


Sneakers Academy Limited only processes customer data necessary for its operation, as defined for the purposes specified in the file description for the customer register. We make every effort not to process incorrect, incomplete or outdated data. The processing of customer data is generally based on a relevant relationship, information you receive when using or registering for a service, or your consent. We may also process your data for other reasons, for example at your request or if


Required by law. Your data may be stored in Sneakers Academy Limited. are processed. We recommend that our customers update their contact details regularly.



We record your conversations with our customer service in order to review a business transaction, to respond to your requests and to monitor and develop the quality of service. Please note that as a customer of Sneakers Academy Limited you have the right to verify what personal data is stored in our information systems or that no personal data is available in our file. You can also refuse the use of your data in accordance with applicable laws. The inspection can be carried out once a year free of charge. The data access request must be made with a signed document between Sneakers Academy Limited and you.


Collection, storage, extraction and processing of personal data



Register of data collected directly through the services of Sneakers Academy Limited


Contact form


Data collected: email and message

Objective: customer relationship management

Data retention: entry into the database

Shelf life: 1 year

Access to data: your Sneakers Academy Limited customer relations department

If the data is stored or processed outside the EU: No.


Creation of a customer account

Data collected: name, surname, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, direct marketing information and consent, company contact details, company name, information provided by you, information on the classification of customers, order, delivery, agreement and invoicing.

Objective sought: order and its follow-up - address - returns - credit note

If the data is stored or processed outside the EU: No.



Loyalty management

Data retention: entry into the database

Retention period: lifetime of the customer

Access to data: logistics (sometimes only data related to the processing and shipping of your order) - marketing department - customer service

If the data is stored or processed outside the EU: No.


Register of data transmitted to subcontractors via the services of Sneakers Academy Limited


send in blue

Provider information:

Location of the service provider: France

Desired objective: marketing emails

If the data is stored or processed outside the EU: No.

GDPR charter of the service provider:



Supplier Information:

Supplier location: United States

Objective sought: Connection to your customer account on the page via your Facebook account

If the data is stored or processed outside the EU: Yes

GDPR charter of the service provider:


Google Analytics

Supplier Information:

Supplier location: United States

Objective sought: analysis of site traffic + remarketing

If the data is stored or processed outside the EU: Yes

GDPR charter of the service provider:




Processing of identification and location data in the context of electronic communications


Sneakers Academy Limited treats all data and messages generated during the call confidentially. Our employees are bound by a duty of confidentiality and the use of messages or other confidential information is prohibited. When communication takes place over a network, it always leaves a trace. These network traces are called credentials when they can be connected to a person. Network traces are created, for example, during phone calls, sending e-mail and SMS messages and browsing the Internet, and may contain information about callers, connection route or routing, protocol Communication. data transfer used, the event and the terminals used or their location.


Sneakers Academy Limited manages communication identification and location information and compliance with applicable law, for example for the purposes of the implementation and use of the services, billing and technical development. Consent, marketing. To the extent necessary, the data can also be used for billing with other service providers.


Sneakers Academy Limited may also process identifying data in the event of abuse, data breach and troubleshooting.


In all of the above situations, we only process identification and location data to the extent necessary to perform a specific task.



Use of location data



An actual tracking method by which another person can track another person's location requires the individual's consent to be located. The client cannot be located at all if he refuses geolocation services. When we transmit location information to location service providers, we take appropriate steps to ensure that the consent of the person to be tracked has been obtained.


Duration of identification and location data processing and data storage


We process identification and location data for as long as necessary for billing, technical development, troubleshooting, marketing, abuse detection or data security purposes. 

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