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Off-White Air Force 1 Mid SP Pine Green

the Off-White Air Force 1 Mid SP Pine Green is a special and highly sought-after edition of the famous Nike sports shoe, created in collaboration with the luxury streetwear brand OFF -White, led by designer Virgil Abloh. This unique version offers an innovative and avant-garde design that has aroused a massive craze in the fashion world.

the stem shoe is made in a " pine green " shade (pine green) which gives it a fresh and captivating appearance. Details characteristic of the Off-White brand, such as inscriptions and exaggerated seams, add a prestigious touch And emblematic to this model.

The Off-White Air Force 1 Mid SP Pine Green presents elements and accents characteristic of the design of Virgil Abloh, such as the labels in Translucent plastic, ribbon laces and exposed seams, offering an avant-garde and unstructured aesthetic.

The shoe keeps the classic air force 1 MID, with with A ankle height that offers additional support. The foam intermediate sole offers optimal cushioning for a feeling of softness with each step. The rubber outsole, with the emblematic rafters motif, guarantees higher grip on different surfaces.

Off-White Air Force 1 Mid SP Pine Green has become a iconic part of the Off-White collection, popular with fashion enthusiasts and collectors around the world. Its unique design and prestigious collaboration make it a highly sought-after sports shoe, which perfectly mixes the heritage of the Air Force 1 at the avant-garde of the off-watch design.

Wearing the Off-White Air Force 1 Mid SP Pine Green is an elegant way of standing out, adding an avant-garde touch and connected to your style, whether for special occasions or to bring a touch luxury to your relaxed outfit.

Please note that the information provided here is based on knowledge until September 2021, and it is possible that updates or changes have taken place since that date.

Off-White Air Force 1 Mid SP Pine Green


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